A Thorough Look at Your Oral Health

Every patient new to the Miskovich Dental Clinic receives a thorough dental exam. (If your first visit is the result of a dental emergency, we will address that problem first. Your subsequent visit will include a comprehensive dental evaluation of your entire oral health system.) The evaluation determines the current condition of your teeth, the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) that facilitate the movement of your lower jaw, and the muscles that move the jaw.

Our comprehensive look at your oral health gives us a baseline on which we can make future measurements and comparisons. This gives us a complete and clear picture of your oral health today, and provides a road map for where you're going.

Modern dentistry offers so many opportunities to enhance your health, comfort and appearance; and our evaluation reveals which treatments would benefit you.

dental exams

The Miskovich Dental Clinic Comprehensive Evaluation

  1. A personalized time set aside exclusively for you to review your medical and dental history
  2. Clarifying your concerns, current problems, your desires for future health and expectation of us in caring for your problems
  3. An introduction to Wellness Oriented Dentistry and how it can mean a lifetime free of dental problems
  4. A thorough oral cancer examination
  5. A detailed tooth examination to check for decay, cracks, fracture, wear and failed dentistry
  6. Periodontal (or gum and bone tissue) Examination: Measuring gum crevices at six points on every tooth to check for hidden gum disease
  7. Measuring all teeth for any looseness, another sign of problems
  8. Assessing existing fillings or crowns for potential causing of gum irritation
  9. Providing an objective evaluation of your effectiveness in plaque removal and disease control
  10. Temporomandibular Joint Orthopedic and Bite Analysis: Palpation (pressing with finger tips) of the jaw joints to check for inflammation
  11. Range of motion tests to check the health of jaw movements.
  12. Orthopedic pressure (load) testing to check the health of the cartilage disk
  13. Palpation (pressing) of muscle groups of the head and neck, both within and outside the mouth for any signs of discomfort or tension (often a cause of persistent headache)
  14. Examining all teeth to evaluate if they touch equally
  15. Examining all teeth to evaluate how the jaw moves in all directions and if the teeth properly guide
  16. X-rays (if needed), to show decay, infection, and bone condition
  17. A panoramic X-ray, if needed, showing the entire upper and lower jaw and jaw joints, sinuses and many other important structures
  18. Photographs: Full series taken with our high quality digital camera

What Happens Next?

After your comprehensive examination the dentist will:

  • Evaluate and study all the above information
  • Make a specific diagnosis for your current condition
  • Design an individualized treatment plan for your care

Next, during a followup consultation appointment, your dentist will sit down with you to:

  • Review all findings
  • Discuss your treatment recommendations and provide you with a printed copy
  • Discuss all fees and billing options
  • Help you to decide what choices are best for you and the pace at which you choose to have care
  • Answer all questions to your satisfaction and understanding
 For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Miskovich Dental Clinic today at 218-326-3437.