Tooth whitening is a process that brightens teeth that are discolored or stained.

At Miskovich Dental Clinic we offer two types of whitening. There is at home whitening with custom-made trays or strips designed in our office; and there is in-office chair-side whitening.

With home whitening we construct upper and lower custom-fit trays for your teeth. We then provide you with whitening product, which is used daily for one hour. Some patients need only whiten for less than a week, but other cases patients may need up to two weeks to achieve the desired result.

Although in-office whitening gives immediate results, there can at times be tooth sensitivity concerns.  Home whitening takes a longer period of time, but will give you great teeth-whitening results with very little, if any sensitivity.

teeth whitening comparison

We use the Zoom Chair-side Whitening Procedure for in-office chair-side whitening. We apply the whitening material to your teeth for one hour. This will usually produce the brightness that you are looking for.  We always provide patients with a home treatment kit containing custom-fitted trays so that they may apply a touch up every six months or so.

Miskovich Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental care including teeth whitening.  For more information, call today at 218-326-3437 to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.