Keeping Your Dentistry Affordable

At Miskovich Dental Clinic, we work hard to make everything easy for you - including the financial aspects of your care. There is no need to settle for average because we make great care affordable for everyone!

Like our care, our fees are individualized to the specific care you desire. Be assured that you will always be charged a fair fee for the excellent care provided you. We will not compromise your care for any reason. This means you get to choose what level of care is right for you, the risk associated with that choice and what care you are willing to pay for.

As a service, we will help you process your insurance claims in order for you to receive your maximum benefit. We also work very closely with you to maximize any pretax benefit plans you may have like HSA (health savings accounts). Although we are not a party to the contractual arrangement with your insurance company, we do want to help you receive the maximum reimbursement to which you are entitled. We will also gladly provide dental x-rays and a written diagnostic report should your insurance company have any questions about the services provided.

financial arrangements

At all times, you can be confident that we will always provide you with our best services without regard to the limitations imposed by your insurance coverage. To do otherwise would violate our contract with you - a contract we feel morally obligated to honor.

Dental Insurance Plans

Your dental insurance plan is a form of compensation provided by your employer. You can expect the carrier (insurance company) to reimburse you for a portion of our fee. That portion is determined by the contract between your employer and the insurance company. The higher the premium paid by your company, the more generous the reimbursement. When dental insurance was created in the mid 1970's, it paid a maximum benefit of about $1000 per year. Today, 30 years later, dental insurance typically pays about $1000-1500 per year. Obviously, dental insurance has not kept pace with costs. It is difficult to rely on dental insurance to meet significant dental concerns.

Payment Options

Full payment in the form of cash, check, credit card or financing is due at the time of the patient’s appointment.

We accept, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks and cash.  We also accept third party financing including Care Credit and can help arrange other forms of monthly payment.

If you have any questions, please contact our financial coordinator at 218-326-3437.