Miskovich Dental Clinic Offers Sirona Galileos Conebeam Imaging

The Sirona Galileos 3D Dental Imaging Scanner provides high definition, in-office, 3D digital imaging of the oral and facial regions. Our system allows us to provide patients and referring dentists with this cutting edge diagnostic technology.  The system affords complete 3D views of oral and maxillofacial structures providing us with the most thorough diagnostic information for a variety of treatment procedures.

3D offers the ability to enhance treatment planning, and obtain more consistent patient outcomes.  Beyond the clinical aspects, Galileos is also a wonderful patient education tool. For the first time patients can see their anatomy in accurate real-life perspectives that allows them to understand their own health.  Patient positioning is quick and relaxed and 14 seconds later the scan is complete.  We choose the Galileos 3D product because of the very low radiation exposure compared to other brands.

Our Dentists are better equipped to:

  • Place dental implants more precisely
  • Plan Root canal treatment
  • Diagnose the cause of a patien'ts previously undiagnosed pain
  • Pinpoint disorders of your TMJ
  • And see other abnormalities or changes within the oral and facial region

Dental Implant Planning 

The system also includes treatment planning software and integrated implant planning that means there will be no surprises when we proceed with your treatment. Properly placing implants in a patient's jaw is a complicated procedure.  By using the 3D imaging treatment planning software our dentists can plan and see the final result he is trying to achieve before proceeding with your treatment. The plan shows where the dental implants should be placed and where the dental implant crowns will look best.

At Miskovich Dental Clinic we provide our patients with the latest in dental technologies and advancements.  Our experienced staff provides world class customer service to every patient. For  more information about the new conebeam 3D digital technology, call 218-326-3437.